Acoustic Guitar Strap

Let’s start with a definition: Acoustic music generally refers to music produced by instruments which are not electronic. To be able to choose when to sit down or stand up while playing an acoustic guitar gives the player more freedom to express him or her self, and for this, you’ll need an Acoustic Guitar Strap.

Although the Steel String Guitar and the Classical Guitar are both acoustic by definition, it is the Steel String Guitar that most often gets referred to as an Acoustic Guitar. Almost any guitar strap can be used as an Acoustic Guitar Strap, but some are obviously more suitable than others.


Unlike Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars usually have only one strap screw. So the way to attach an Acoustic Guitar Strap would be to secure one end of the strap to the strap screw, the other end would be tied to the neck, usually behind the nut.


Having an acoustic guitar strap for your acoustic guitar is a must. The choice to move around, or change your position on stage gives you more freedom to express yourself musically. It also minimizes fatigue, as you can sit or stand, or even walk around as you play.


Not having an acoustic guitar strap restricts you to sitting in one position.

Not having an acoustic guitar strap can be summed up by three words: tiring, uncomfortable, and limiting.

The following is a small selection of quality Acoustic Guitar Straps. Don’t forget to click on the classical guitar straps category for more straps that are equally suitable to be used with your acoustic guitar.


Bitch Straps CHAINBROWNGS Acoustic Strap

Bitch Straps Acoustic Guitar Strapacoustic_01


Taylor Guitars Honey Suede Logo Guitar Strap

Taylor Acoustic Guitar Strapacoustic_02


Levy’s Leathers PM1-BLK 2.5-inch leather acoustic/Dobro guitar strap

Levys dobro acoustic guitar strapacoustic_03



Levy’s Leathers MSSC80-BLK Acoustic Strap

Levys Acoustic Guitar StrapLevys Acoustic Guitar Strap close upacoustic_04


Neotech 8201182 Slimline Strap, Acoustic End Pin Jack, Black Webbing

Neotech Acoustic Guitar Strapacoustic_05



Martin acoustic guitar strapMartin acoustic guitar strap close upacoustic_06