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Beatles Guitar Strap

Beatles Guitar Straps

If you belong to generation Y, you may be thinking, “who, or what, are the Beatles?
The Beatles emerged in the early 1960’s. They collaborated with agent/manager Brian Epstein, and producer George Martin. There were four members of the band, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr. They were one of the first bands to create an astonishing international following within a few short months. It was more like mass hysteria, or – “BEATLE MANIA”, as the media called it.

The fashion world was certainly eager to cash in on the Beatles. Men’s hair began to lengthen in the mid 60’s, and clothing stores could not keep the British Mod or Carnaby Street style on the racks for more than a day.

It’s been stated that Rock and Roll culture was started by Elvis and others from the 1950’s, which was alleged to have had little effect beyond the USA. The Beatles were popular throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Their touring career was a “sold out” arena pop situation. They were the first to pack out these enormous venues, city after city. The world simply gave it up for the Beatles. Many men and women were inspired to pick up the guitar, learn three chords and start writing songs. The members of the Beatles eventually went on to individual projects and slowly faded away like many pop bands before them.

The Beatle’s success inspired an atmosphere of experimentation. Their innovations which made them sound ‘different’ were now in the ears of young musicians everywhere. This did not create a generation of Beatles Tribute bands, or clones, but more importantly sparked the imagination of thousands of would-be song writers and rock stars. The idea of what a song could be had changed, and this infusion of catchy lyrics and experimentation has been the most long lasting influence of The Beatles legacy.


Beatles Guitar Strap No. 1, Yellow Submarine



Beatles Guitar Strap No. 2, Meet The Beatles


 Beatles Guitar Strap No. 3, Anthology


Beatles Guitar Strap No. 4, Sgt. Peppers



Beatles Guitar Strap No. 5, Revolver



As you can see above, we have a beautiful selection of Beatles guitar straps by Planet Waves. This unique collection of guitar straps honors the Beatles‘ legacy with iconic album covers and timeless images which capture the enduring spirit and essence of the “Fab Four”. The artwork for this series of guitar straps spans the Beatles entire career.

Starting with the Iconic Yellow Submarine guitar strap, with classic artwork from the 1969 “Yellow Submarine” album, complete with vibrant colours and psychedelic imagery.

Second, we have a strap with classic artwork from the 1964 “Meet The Beatles” album, printed across the entire strap length.

The third guitar strap, again with classic artwork, this time from the “Anthology” album. The perfect addition to the Planet Waves Beatles strap collection.

The fourth guitar strap, as the name states right there on the strap, is from the 1967 “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”.

Then we have a stylish guitar strap based on the artwork from the 1966 “Revolver ” album.


Back by popular demand, more Beatles guitar straps –

The next strap has classic artwork from the 1969 “Abbey Road” album.

Followed by a strap with classic Beatlemania logo artwork.

Then a guitar strap with artwork from the 1964 “A Hard Days Night” album.

Next a guitar strap with classic artwork from the 1965 “Help” album.

And lastly, we have classic artwork from the 1968 White Album.


Beatles Guitar Strap No. 6, Abbey Road


Beatles Guitar Strap No. 7, Beatlemania


Beatles Guitar Strap No. 8, Hard Day’s Night


Beatles Guitar Strap No. 9, HELP


 Beatles Guitar Strap No. 10, White Album


As you’ve probably already noticed, all of these Beatles guitar straps are by Planet Waves.

But, hey! Who are Planet Waves? Apart from the best Beatles guitar strap makers, they’re a mixture of two companies. The first being, Planet Waves, a company started in 1994 by Howard and Robert Silagy. Their approach to business was simple: make attractive, durable straps using high-quality materials with heavy-duty leather tabs, and people will buy them. Over the next four years, the company grew, and sales skyrocketed.

In 1998, the once small company got too big for Howard and Robert to handle by themselves, so a company by the name of D’Addario acquired the Planet Waves line. Thus, D’Addario’s world-renowned family of musical instrument accessories was further enhanced by Planet Waves awesome guitar straps. This company makes waves all over the world. Catch one today, by purchasing one of their stylish Beatles guitar straps.