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Bling Guitar Strap

Shine out to your audience with an amazing Bling Guitar Strap. Be a Guitar Star.

Bling Guitar Strap No. 1, Silver Sequins


This awesome bling guitar strap adjusts from 37 to 54 inches. It features smooth garment leather lining for super comfort, a Copperpeace signature ‘pick pocket’ & copper medallion finish, premium black baseball-glove leather with silver sequin detail and easy tail adjustment.

Bling Guitar Strap No. 2, Gold Sequins


This three inch wide, superior comfort Bling Guitar Strap is fully adjustable to 70 inches. It has dazzling gold sequins fabric, and black duchess satin backing. Make a statement with this stunning gold sequins artisan handmade bling guitar strap. Command the stage with this dope strap, watch as it catches and reflects the stage lights. The front fabric is thick black mesh woven through with gold metallic thread and embedded with literally thousands of tiny, sparkling gold sequins that shine brilliantly under the stage lights. The leather strap ends are premium quality double thick hand punched and stitched black Brazilian Latigo leather. This is a highly sort-after guitar strap that will highlight your movements for an all eyes on you outcome. A comfortable 3 inch width allows for weight distribution superior to conventional guitar straps. There are three bottom layers of fabric between your shoulder and the polypropylene foundation for a soft cushion to further distribute the weight of your guitar, without holding body heat like many standard straps do. This strap is soft, cool, and comfortable. No more neck or shoulder aches, no more pressure point stress. This is the ultimate bling guitar strap, make it yours!

Bling Guitar Strap No. 3, Sparkling Blue


This glittering bling guitar strap in indigo blue sequins, artisan designer, handmade guitar strap will dazzle your audience. The front fabric of the guitar strap is thick indigo blue mesh, shot through with metallic threads and embedded with thousands of coruscating tiny blue sequins. The back lining of the guitar strap is brilliant blue rayon satin which beautifully complements the the guitar strap. This guitar strap, with its sparkle and flash, will make your performance unforgettable.

Bling Guitar Strap No. 4, Colourful Sequins


This Bling Guitar Strap is splashed with incredible sparkling colors, an artisan handmade guitar strap that will make you the center of attention every time you step onstage. The front fabric of the guitar strap is metallic mesh fabric smeared with thousands of tiny flashing sequins in gold, red, blue, teal, green, and purple. Beneath the mesh is a layer of black crepe satin to emphasize the blackness of the mesh and highlight the gold threads. The back lining of the guitar strap is thick, shimmering black Duchess satin and the leather strap ends are top quality leather. This is a truly stunning guitar strap.

Bling Guitar Strap No. 5, Native American


The ornate yet rustic beauty of Navajo jewelry makes this a truly visually striking artisan handmade bling guitar strap. The front fabric of the guitar strap is thick cotton printed with detailed images of classic Navajo jewelry from the American Southwest. Iconic squash blossom designs rendered in turquoise and red oyster, silver ovals and diamond shapes, silver chevron mountings. The back lining of the guitar strap is rich terracotta red pure Dupioni silk that perfectly matches the jeweled imagery on the front of the guitar strap. This guitar strap is stunning in its uniqueness and beauty.

Bling Guitar Strap No. 6, Black with Sequins


Crafted to be the ultimate in comfort and quality, this bling guitar strap has a supreme strength nylon webbing base, 20″ velvet lined shoulder padding, custom embossed leather ends, and shiny nickel finish hardware. A capturing couture guitar straps 2 inch wide and adjustable from 45 to 60 inches. Made in the USA.

Bling Guitar Strap No. 7, Red with Sequins


This sassy Bling Guitar Strap is a comfortable, high quality, durable nylon webbing strap with 20 inch velvet lined shoulder padding, custom embossed leather ends, and shiny nickel finish hardware. It’s 2 inches wide with adjustable from 45 to 60 inches, and it’s American made.

Bling Guitar Strap No. 8, Navy with Sequins


An ultimate bling guitar strap. Strong, comfortable, and reliable, this high quality nylon strap with velvet lined padding, custom leather ends, and shiny nickel hardware is very eye catching and waiting for you to strap it on.

Bling Guitar Strap No. 9, Pink with Sequins


Hand crafted Bling Guitar Strap to die for. You can’t beat this strap for its alluring appeal. High quality, supreme strength, with velvet lined shoulder padding, and beautiful leather ends, complete with shiny nickel finish. This 2 inch wide guitar strap is da bomb.

Bling Guitar Strap No. 10, White with Rhinestones


Here we have a very attractive Bling Guitar Strap. With its 2 inch width, leather features, awesome rhinestone studs, and detail-stitched leather top and bottom, it truly rocks. For the price, it’s also extremely good value for your money. Its soft, comfortable feel will take away any strain and hold your guitar securely. A must have bling guitar strap.