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Celtic Guitar Strap

If you’re from Brittany, Wales, Ireland, or the Scottish Highlands or you have a Celtic background, you’ll love these beautiful Celtic Guitar Straps. Or if you just appreciate the visual beauty of Celtic design, then you need a Celtic Guitar Strap, too.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 1, Blue Horizon


This awesome Celtic guitar strap is the epitome of leather-crafting sophistication. The hand-tooled Celtic knot highlighted with black studs and stitching makes for an exquisite finish. Ethos’ signature 3.18mm comfort-crafted padding is then positioned and backed by a strong yet supple glove-soft, pebble-grained Buffalo leather lining for maximum player comfort.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 2, Deluxe Padded


If you own a heavy guitar, do yourself a favor and buy this strap. It’s soft, yet firm, and very comfortable. An incredible Celtic knot pattern motif embossed guitar strap made in the UK. It’s real leather, has an adjustable 46 to 51 inch length, reinforced pin holes, and can take weights of up to 15kg. This strap has a 2 inch width helping to reduce pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 3, Red Padded


This quality leather guitar strap, made in the UK, with an embossed red Celtic pattern is another very comfortable strap that reduces shoulder strain with its thick padding. Each purchase comes with six free complimentary guitar plectrums. Get yours today.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 4, Black (a)


This Celtic traditional designed guitar strap is of the highest-quality and has a width – 2.5 inches. Its minimum length is 44.5 inches (113cm) and at its maximum is 50.5 inches (128cm).

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 5, Black (b)


Yet another beautiful black Celtic guitar strap made from the finest real leather. Minimum length of 113cm and maximum of 128cm.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 6, Red


This cool guitar strap is comfortable and stylish in an incredible red with traditional Celtic Irish knot style. It will definitely stand out on stage. This UK certified, real leather, adjustable length strap is a must have.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 7, Brown


This real leather Celtic Dog design guitar strap has a width of 2.5 inches. Min length – 44inch, maximum length – 50.5inch. A high quality strap with good-looks to go with it. Nice.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 8, Tan (a)


A real leather, suede backed, adjustable length, classic Celtic embossed design, UK Made, and fits all electric and acoustic guitars. It’s 2 inches wide, 54 inches long. This Celtic guitar strap is really something to get folk-ed up about.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 9, Deluxe


A very elegant two-toned Celtic guitar strap, with traditional knot design. A two-and-a-half inch wide strap with strength, durability, and style all rolled into one strap. Take one home today.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 10, Black (c)


Another totally cool Celtic guitar strap to have and to hold your most treasured possession, your guitar. An embossed printed guitar strap, made in the UK of real leather. Easily adjustable and ready to rock.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 11, Green


Very Irish, is what can be said about this awesome Celtic guitar strap. A beautiful shamrock green, just the thing for those late night Saint Patrick’s Day sing-a-longs. It’s wide, it’s comfortable, and it’s waiting for a good home.

Celtic Guitar Strap No. 12, Tan (b)


A real leather product, made and certified in the UK with eye-catching traditional Celtic design. This guitar strap is available black, blue, red, green, natural, brown, and tan. A worthy addition to every guitar strap collection.