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Classical Guitar Strap

Classical Guitar straps are unlike any other guitar straps out there.

The reason for this is the obvious lack of strap pins or screws. That’s right, Classical Guitars have no strap pins at all.

Some people refer to Classical Guitars as Acoustic Guitars. Although Classical Guitars are by definition acoustic, the term “acoustic” is usually reserved for steel string guitars. Classical Guitars, by the way, have nylon strings.

But what does the word “acoustic” actually mean? The answer: not electric. Enough with the definitions already!

Okay, just a little more info before we take a look at the merchandise. The Classical Guitar is traditionally played in a sitting position. True, but not all owners of Classical Guitars play music from the Classical Guitar genre. It is after all just a musical instrument like any other, what style of music is played on it is in the hands of its owner.

Although not as popular as Electric Guitar straps and Acoustic Guitar straps, the Classical Guitar strap still has its place, as some clever guitar strap companies have recently discovered. The freedom to play different styles on the Classical Guitar also means that some players want to be able to stand while playing their Classical Guitar.

There are now quite a few straps specifically designed for Classical Guitars. So now let’s talk about what it is that makes the Classical Guitar strap unique. Well, each strap consists of a closed loop, worn around the neck, or over one shoulder and under the opposite arm. At the end of the loop is a braided lace with a plastic hook.

Directions for attaching a Classical Guitar Strap:

Lead the lace behind and under the guitar at its waist, and back up in front to the sound-hole. Hook the plastic hook into the bottom of the sound-hole, allowing the guitar’s waist to rest on the braid. Note, when using a Classical Guitar strap the player must at all times keep at least one hand on the guitar to prevent it from tipping forward and falling.













Levy’s M20P-002 2.5 Inch Classical Guitar Strap



Neotech 8221362 Slimline Classical Strap, Black Leather



Neotech 8223362 Slimline Classical Strap, Brown Leather



Levy’s Leathers 2 Leather Classical Strap,Black



Levy’s Leathers 1 Nylon Classical Guitar Strap, Black