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Fender Guitar Strap

Fender Guitar Straps

Fender guitars, such as the Telecaster and Stratocaster are known worldwide as the instruments that helped kick-start the rock revolution. Fender guitars continue to be highly prized by today’s musicians and collectors, as does the fender guitar strap in its many variations. Here at we’ll take a look at some of fender’s finest custom guitar straps.


Fender Strap No. 1, Monogrammed


Fender Monogrammed Leather Strap – Black Leather with Tooled Fender Logos


Fender Strap No. 2, Custom


Fender 2-Inch F Custom Hq Leather Electric Guitar Strap – Black. Ultra soft, top quality, multi-layers, exclusive “F” end attachment with beautiful contrast stitching throughout. Fully adjustable.


Fender Strap No. 3, Tweed


Fender F Tweed Cotton Guitar Strap – Gold Black. Lightweight and durable tweed, woven-cotton material. A couture spin on ultra-in-demand Fender Tweed Style. Fully adjustable.


Fender Strap No. 4, Woven


Fender 2-Inch F Vintage 2D Weave Electric Guitar Strap – Brown Burgundy. Uniquely woven, durable and lightweight material built to withstand years of use and grab eye-catching cool looks. Finished with “F” leather end appointments and a cool, new double-D ring length adjustment. Fully adjustable.


Fender Strap No. 5, Deluxe-Vintage


Fender Electric Guitar Strap, Strap-deluxe-vintage black.


Fender Strap No. 6, Ultra Soft


Fender 2 1/2-Inch F Suede Electric Guitar Strap – Brown. Ultra soft, high quality multi-layers, with exclusive “F” end, fully adjustable.


Fender Strap No. 7, Ball Glove Leather


Fender Ball Glove Leather Strap, Black. Genuine baseball glove leather. Heavy-duty contrast stitching, adjustable sizing (40.5″ – 53″)    soft suede underside, embossed Fender logo.


Fender Strap No. 8, Canvas

Fender 2-Inch F Canvas Electric Guitar Strap – Chrome/Green. True canvas work of art finished with ultra-cool contrast stitching super-comfortable, fully adjustable and will wear-in perfectly for years of personal comfort. Heavy duty chrome adjustment ties it all together.


Fender Strap No. 9, Distressed Leather



Fender Road Worn Distressed Leather Guitar Strap Black. Amazing performance, durability, and comfort. Fender has been an icon in the music world for more than 50 years, and their obsession with quality extends to everything they make. When you want to play with confidence, it’s smart to go with a proven performer – go with a genuine Fender strap.


Fender Strap No. 10, Multi-layers


Fender 3-Inch F Custom Hq Leather Bass Guitar Strap – Black. Ultra soft, top quality, “F” end attachment, with beautiful contrast stitching. Fully adjustable.


With an illustrious history dating back to 1946, Fender has touched and transformed music worldwide and in nearly every genre. Everyone from beginners and hobbyists to the world’s most acclaimed artists and performers have used Fender products. So, be a part of history and add a fender guitar strap to your collection.