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Glitter Guitar Strap

Does your guitar playing glitter and sparkle? Well you need a matching Glitter Guitar Strap. Add bit of glitter to your life.


Glitter Guitar Strap No. 1, Pink


Pink 3-Inch Glitter Guitar Strap by Getm Getm Wear. Top quality fabrics and craftsmanship, genuine leather tips, and quality metal hardware. This product meets the EU no-lead standard. You’ll really stand out from the crowd with this cool strap.


Glitter Guitar Strap No. 2, Sunset


These Glitter Guitar Straps by Getm Getm Wear are some of the longest straps on the market. The 2-inch straps adjust to 70 inches in length, the 3-inch straps adjust to 55 inches in length. This¬†unique guitar strap is an awesome addition to every guitarist’s strap collection.


Glitter Guitar Strap No. 3, Midnight Blue

This beautiful blue Glitter Guitar Strap is compatible with electric, bass, and acoustic guitars. It is comfortable on the shoulder, and handmade in the USA by Getm Getm Wear. If you’re feeling a little blue, this strap is sure to cheer you up.


Glitter Guitar Strap No. 4, Violet


If you’re a bit eccentric, then here’s a kick-ass Glitter Guitar Strap for you. But seriously, it’s a great strap, fully adjustable, comfy, and long lasting. Make sure you get your hands on one before they’re all gone. A quality guitar strap by Getm Getm Wear.


Glitter Guitar Strap No. 5, Gold (a)


This sparkly, Glitter Guitar Strap by Getm Getm Wear is top of the line quality fabric, with genuine leather tips, and quality metal hardware, this strap is sure to go fast. Get yours today.


Glitter Guitar Strap No. 6, Silver (a)


Getm Getm Wear makes a great range of Glitter Guitar Straps, like this cool silver strap. It features top quality fabrics, genuine leather tips, and quality metal hardware. Get one before it’s too late.


Glitter Guitar Strap No. 7, Silver (b)

You’d be hard-pressed to find a better Glitter Guitar Strap than this awesome one by Lock-It Straps. These straps feature a unique built in strap lock.The low-profile, spring-loaded locking mechanism easily locks onto any standard strap button. High-quality polymer provides comfortable flexibility without restricting locking functionality.


Glitter Guitar Strap No. 8, Hot Pink


This cool Glitter Guitar Strap by Lock-It Straps provides the security of a built-in strap lock. These strap locks are much less obtrusive than other built in strap lock systems and work on virtually any guitar. Because they are part of the strap, you don’t have to modify your guitar.


Glitter Guitar Strap No. 9, Gold (b)


This gold Glitter Guitar Strap by Lock-It Straps has superb strength, comfort, and is easy to clean due to its high-gloss polymer. If you’re after a low maintenance, super-sleek looking strap, this one’s for you. Adjustable from 36″ (91cm) to 60″ (152cm).