Grommet Guitar Strap

Get on board the crazy train and rock out with a powerfully hardcore, heavy-duty Grommet Guitar Strap. \m/ :-) \m/

Grommet Guitar Strap No. 1, Metal Collection 01

Grommet_Guitar_Strap_01_close Grommet_Guitar_Strap_01grommet_01
This very durable, classic Grommet Stud design comes in high-quality black leather. It is fully adjustable, comfortable, and the perfect gift for the guitar player who loves to rock hard. This guitar strap comes from a collection of high quality stud and grommet designs.


Give your guitar playing attitude with this cool grommet black leather guitar strap from Planet Waves Metal Collection. Planet Waves, part of the D’Addario family of brands is known for high quality musical accessories, their huge award-winning range for guitarists is top of the line at very affordable prices.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 2, Metal Collection 02

Grommet_Guitar_Strap_02_close Grommet_Guitar_Strap_02grommet_02
This Planet Waves Metal collection Grommet Guitar Strap should keep you rockin’ hard for years to come. It features high quality grommets on equally high quality durable black leather. Your music should have attitude, and this strap will do it.

Planet Waves have many other great guitar accessories, so keep them in mind, they rock!


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 3, Planet Waves Silver

silver_grommet_guitar_strap_01_close silver_grommet_guitar_strap_01grommet_03
The Planet Waves Deluxe Series sets the standard for leather straps. Why not accessorize your axe with this embossed silver leather guitar strap with grommet holes. It features garment leather with soft suede backing.


The Deluxe Series is stylish and functional. From its exclusive tapered contour, which is designed to prevent twisting, to its 4-Inch longer than standard design for maximum adjustability, this Planet Waves grommet guitar strap offers awesome value for money.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 4, Perris Leathers Grey

silver_grommet_guitar_strap_02_close silver_grommet_guitar_strap_02grommet_04
This beautiful Perris Leathers 2-Inch Garmet Leather Guitar Strap, complete with high quality Gromet studs, looks great, and is very confortable. This one looks a lot more expensive than it actual is. You could say, it’s a bit of a bargain, nice.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 5, Perris Leathers brown

brown_grommet_guitar_strap_01_close brown_grommet_guitar_strap_01grommet_05
This very sharp looking brown Perris Leathers Gromet Guitar Strap is made from garmet leather, and is super confortable for long playing sessions.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 6, Weapons (numb-chucks)

grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_01_close grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_01grommet_06
Levy’s Leathers two inch wide cotton guitar strap with a cool hardcore weapons design and antique brass grommets. It has leather ends, tri-glide adjustment, and is adjustable to 65 inches. This particular guitar strap features numb-chucks within its design.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 7, Weapons (knuckledusters)

grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_02_close grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_02grommet_07
This Levy’s Leathers Cotton Guitar Strap is 2 inches wide and comes with a printed weapons design featuring knuckledusters. It has antique brass eyelets or grommets, leather ends, and tri-glide adjustment to 65 inches.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 8, Weapons (chains)

grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_03_close grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_03grommet_08
This Levy’s Leathers Cotton Guitar Strap features chains, among other weapons in its design, is made from cotton, with antique brass grommets, tri-glide adjustment, and leather ends.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 9, Weapons (flick knife)

grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_04_close grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_04grommet_09

This Levy’s Leathers Cotton Guitar Strap features antique brass grommets, is 2 inches wide, made from cotton with a printed design incorporating a flick knife. It has leather ends, and is tri-glide adjustable to 65 inches.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 10, Weapons (baseball bats)

grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_05_close grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_05grommet_10
This Levy’s Leathers two inch wide, cotton guitar strap, with a weapons design printed on it featuring basball bats and throwing stars, has antique brass grommets, leather ends, and tri-glide adjustment to 65 inches.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 11, Weapons (cigarette lighter)

grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_06_close grommet_weapons_guitar_strap_06grommet_11
This two inch cotton guitar strap with antique brass grommets by Levy’s Leathers is kick-ass, with its cigarette lighter printed design, complete with leather ends, and tri-glide adjustment. For those that like to portray that Bad-ass Rock’n’Roll image.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 12, Worn-torn

tan_grommet_guitar_strap_close tan_grommet_guitar_strapgrommet_12
Genuine Levy’s Leathers heavy cotton, worn-torn look, with grommets. This brown strap is 2 inches wide, and has quarter inch antique-brass grommets. Adjustable to 58 inches.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 13, White Deluxe

white_grommet_guitar_strap_close white_grommet_guitar_strapgrommet_13
This Jodi Head white deluxe Leather Roller Guitar Strap is handmade in New York City, is 2.5 inches wide, in white leather, and has double pronged adjustable buckles. Very Nice.


Grommet Guitar Strap 14, Brown Deluxe

brown_grommet_guitar_strap_02_close brown_grommet_guitar_strap_02grommet_14
This brown Jodi Head Roller Buckle 2.5 inch wide guitar strap is all leather, made by hand, adjustable to 60 inches in length, with three adjustable roller buckles and two rows of grommets. Very stylish.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 15, Dunlop Black

dunlop_grommet_guitar_strap_close dunlop_grommet_guitar_strapgrommet_15
This black Dunlop Grommet Guitar Strap is extremely affordable. It features easy adjustment custom-designed buckles, comfortable edge webbing, extra-long length, leather ends, and jacquard woven and poly-woven designs. This 2 inch wide design provides superior comfort with heavier guitars and basses. Adjustable from 38 to 65 inches.


Grommet Guitar Strap No. 16, City Limits Black

Grommet_Guitar_Strap_03_close Grommet_Guitar_Strap_03grommet_16

This City Limits Guitar Strap in black leather comes complete with cool looking nickel grommets and is close to 2.5 inches at its widest point. This black leather strap has a tapered design which gives maximum support at the shoulder area. A good looking guitar strap at a very affordable price.