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Padded Guitar Strap

Why choose a Padded Guitar Strap?

Many electric guitars are quite heavy in weight. Which means standing for long periods of time with your guitar can result in aching shoulders, neck pain, back pain, and general muscle discomfort.


Some guitarists choose to play lighter guitars to remedy this, but many put up with the pain because they like the extra sustain of a weighty guitar.


The best solution to this problem is a good Padded Guitar Strap.


Guitar straps, of the padded variety, are usually a little wider than standard straps. This helps to distribute the guitar’s weight over a larger area. This results in more comfort to the player.


Here are a few of the major benefits of using a padded guitar strap:

  • You will play more accurately
  • You will reduce fatigue
  • You will get rid of the pain distractions, thus enhancing your overall guitar playing technique

(These benefits are especially important to the shredders out there who know that playing fast is all about comfort)


So if you want your playing to improve, give some serious thought to buying a good padded guitar strap, like the top quality straps below …


Levy’s Leathers Classic Padded Guitar Strap, 2 1/2 inch two-tone leather guitar strap with contrast stitching, foam padding, and garment leather backing.

LevysClassicPaddedStrap_cuLevysClassic Padded Guitar Strappadded_01


Levy’s Leathers Classic Padded Guitar Strap, 2 1/2 inch two-tone leather guitar strap, foam padding, garment leather backing.



Godin Guitar Strap, Vintage Red/Tan, Padded with Embossed Logo.

closeUpGodinPaddedStrap01Godin Padded Guitar Strap 01padded_03


Perris Leathers 2.5-Inch VIP Italian Leather, Super Soft Padded Guitar Strap.



Levy’s Leathers 2½ inch neoprene padded strap with leather ends, 2 inch polypropylene webbing with tri-glide adjustment at the back.


LevysPaddedStrap03cuLevys Padded Guitar Strap 03padded_05



Levy’s Leathers XL 3-1/2 inch Neoprene Padded Guitar Strap.

LevysPaddedStrap01cuLevys Padded Guitar Strap 01padded_06


Planet Waves Orange Padded Guitar Strap. Made from high-quality deluxe leather.

PlanetWavesPaddedStrap01cuPlanetWavesPaddedGuitarStrap 01cupadded_07


Godin Brown Guitar Strap with Paisley Padded Suede and Patch Logo.



Perris Leathers 2.5-Inch VIP Glove Leather Super Soft Padded Guitar Strap.

PerrisPaddedStrap03cuPerris Padded Guitar Strap 03padded_09


Perris Leathers 2.5-Inch VIP Glove Leather Super Soft Padded Strap, dark tan.



Walker & Williams Double Padded Extra Wide Black Leather Strap for Bass or Heavy Guitars.



Planet Waves Padded Guitar Strap with Contrast Stitch, high-quality deluxe leather, Black.