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Superhero Guitar Strap

Activate your guitar super powers with an awesome Superhero Guitar Strap. Up up and away.

Superhero Guitar Strap No. 1, Flash

flash_guitar_strap_cu flash_guitar_strapsuperhero_01

This Flash DC Comics Superhero Crimson Speed Guitar Strap is officially licensed and made in the USA, is fully adjustable, features thick leather ends, and polyester webbing.

Superhero Guitar Strap No. 2, Wonder Woman

wonderwoman_guitar_strap_cu wonderwoman_guitar_strapsuperhero_02

This Wonder Woman DC Comics Superhero Logo And Pose Panels Guitar Strap really kicks ass, just like Wonder Woman herself. It has multi-colored panels and the Wonder Woman logo. As well as thick leather ends, polyester webbing, and adjust-ability. It’s also made in the good old US of A.

Superhero Guitar Strap No. 3, Spiderman (black leather)

spiderman_black_guitar_strap_cu spiderman_black_guitar_strapsuperhero_03

This superhero guitar strap has a very striking Marvel graphics Spiderman design on high quality genuine leather, is fully adjustable from 44 to 50 inches in length. It also has an embossed spiderweb design on the plain black sections of the guitar strap.

Superhero Guitar Strap No. 4, Spiderman (red leather)

spiderman_red_guitar_strap_cu spiderman_red_guitar_strapsuperhero_04

This superhero guitar strap is also a Peavey Marvel Spiderman strap like the one above, only in red leather instead of black. It also has the embossed spiderweb design on it, but the Spiderman character on this red strap is a little bit different than the black one but just as striking to look at.

Superhero Guitar Strap No. 5, Captain America

captain_america_guitar_strap_cu captain_america_guitar_strapsuperhero_05

This adjustable guitar strap features thick leather ends and 2 inch wide polyester webbing. It adjusts from 29 to 54 inches. The brand is officially licensed and made in the USA. It’s quite a stunner to look at as well.

Superhero Guitar Strap No. 6, Superman

superman_guitar_strap_cu superman_guitar_strapsuperhero_06

Up up and away with this Superman DC Comics Superhero Guitar Strap, which has adjustable features, thick leather ends, polyester webbing. The strap adjusts easily from 29 to 60 inches and is officially licensed and made in the USA.

Superhero Guitar Strap No. 7, Iron Man

ironman_guitar_strap_cu ironman_guitar_strapsuperhero_07

This two-Inch wide, soft nylon, superhero guitar strap has an awesome Marvel Comics Avengers Iron Man action design, and is fully adjustable. Have you had your iron today?

Superhero Guitar Strap No. 8, Batman

batman_guitar_strap_cu batman_guitar_strapsuperhero_08

Check out this Batman DC Comics Superhero Cartoon Bat Fight Guitar Strap – it rocks! It’s adjustable, it’s officially licensed and made in the USA, and it features thick leather ends, 2 inch wide polyester webbing, and is just downright cool.

Superhero Guitar Strap No. 9, Hulk

Hulk_guitar_strap_cu Hulk_guitar_strapsuperhero_09

This is the Hulk Marvel Comics Superhero Destruction Guitar Strap. It’s officially licensed and made in the USA, it’s multicolored, it’s adjustable, has thick leather ends, two inch wide polyester webbing. Hey, what more could you want. Play powerful – play with a Hulk superhero guitar strap.

Superhero Guitar Strap No. 10, The Joker

joker_guitar_strap_cu joker_guitar_strapsuperhero_10

This cool Joker super-villain guitar strap is made from 2 inch wide nylon and is fully adjustable. It has fade-resistant dyed fabric, durable genuine leather ends, is made in the USA, and did I mention, it’s kick-ass awesome.