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Zebra Guitar Strap

If you love your wildlife, check out these excellent Zebra Guitar Straps. It’s time to get your safari on.


Zebra Guitar Strap No. 1, by Dog Days Designs


Handmade in Santa Cruz, California USA, this extra long, fully adjustable Zebra Guitar Strap is super comfortable, features a thick designer fabric, metal hardware, thick die cut leather end-tabs and a strong polypropylene interior. It is brought to you by the good people at Dog Days. These straps have a unique designer fabric which covers both sides of the strap, so no rough edges are present.


Zebra Guitar Strap No. 2, by Coolstraps


Here we have an extra long, awesome Zebra Guitar Strap from Coolstraps. This 3-inch wide strap is very comfortable due to it being 50% wider than conventional guitar straps. It is approximately 70 inches long, with double thick hand punched and stitched leather pin tabs. It has a polypropylene foundation, black duchess satin back lining. A custom zebra print artisan handmade guitar strap of top quality. There are 3 bottom layers of fabric between your shoulder and the polypropylene foundation helping to soft cushion and better distribute the weight of your guitar – no more aching neck or shoulders.


Zebra Guitar Strap No. 3, by Capturing Couture


Introduce your wild guitar playing to the world with a wild Zebra Guitar Strap. This cool-looking strap is made from the finest materials, ensuring comfort and quality. Extremely durable with a nylon webbing base, 20″ velvet lined shoulder padding, custom embossed leather ends, and shiny nickel finish hardware. This strap is two inches wide, adjustable from 45-60 inches, made in the USA, and the perfect gift to yourself, or any musician in your life.


Zebra Guitar Strap No. 4, by WSD MUSIC


This top quality Zebra Guitar Strap, made from genuine leather, at a Length of 110cm-130cm (43.5″-51″), and a width of 7cm (2.75″) is covered with faux zebra skin, and the inside made of leather. It is a high quality, durable, comfortable, and highly fashionable guitar strap.


Zebra Guitar Strap No. 5, by Perris Leathers


This soft, garment leather, padded Zebra Guitar Strap is expertly crafted by Perris Leathers. Top quality materials and excellent workmanship is all that needs to be said about this guitar strap as Perris Leathers reputation speaks for itself.


Zebra Guitar Strap No. 6, by Gaucho


It’s time to rock out with this cool Zebra Guitar Strap from Gaucho’s wildlife series. Suitable for all guitars. It has a minimum length of 93cm, and a maximum length of 127cm and a width of 7.2cm, and is approx 5mm thick. The strap has a faux leather top and lining.


Zebra Guitar Strap No. 7, by B & D


It’s time to summon the wild zebra in you and strap on this sexy, nylon, Zebra Guitar Strap by BD, which is two inches wide, fully adjustable, and complete with officially licensed artwork. They can tame the zebra, but they’ll never tame your guitar playing while you’re wearing this bad boy.


Zebra Guitar Strap No. 8, by Master Strap


Here we have a truly custom idea for a guitar strap – a built in pocket that holds up to 7 guitar picks, now that’s unique. The design for this rad Zebra Guitar Strap is printed onto polyester ribbon, machine-stitched onto polypropylene webbing. The ends of the strap are made of pebble grain leather. A maximum strap length of 60 inches, and 2 inches wide. Proudly manufactured in the USA, you can’t go wrong with this innovative guitar strap.


Zebra Guitar Strap No. 9, by Master Strap


A new innovation in guitar strap manufacturing – a built in pick pocket (holds up to 7 picks). This funky pink Zebra Guitar Strap has pebble grain leather ends, is made in the USA, had a maximum strap length of 60 inches, and is 2 inches wide.


Zebra Guitar Strap No. 10, by Master Strap


This innovative new idea in guitar strap manufacturing implements a built in pocket that holds up to 7 plectrums. This cool blue Zebra Guitar Strap is made in the USA, has pebble grain leather ends, a maximum strap length of 60 inches, and a 2 inch width.