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Zodiac Guitar Strap

Let the signs of the Zodiac guide you to your chosen Zodiac Guitar Strap, leading you on to great guitar playing experiences.


Zodiac Guitar Strap No. 1, Tan


Here we have a Levy’s Leathers TAN, 2.5-inch, carving leather, zodiac guitar strap. This exquisitely tooled strap has foam padding and garment leather backing. It is adjustable from 41 to 54 inches. It is also available in extra long, which adds 12 inches to the overall length.


Zodiac Guitar Strap No. 2, Black


This black 2.5-inch carving leather zodiac guitar strap is tooled with a garment leather backing. It has foam padding and is fully adjustable. It’s also available in XL (extra long), and is by the one and only, Levy’s Leathers.


Zodiac Guitar Strap No. 3, Dark Brown


This beautiful tooled, two-and-a-half-inch, leather, zodiac guitar strap in dark brown has foam padding for super comfort, and a top of the line garment leather backing. Adjustable from 41 to 54 inches, also available in (XL). For top quality and style, you can’t go past Levy’s Leathers.


Zodiac Guitar Strap No. 4, Honey


Another fine specimen from Levy’s Leathers. This cool, 2.5-inch, honey coloured, zodiac design, leather guitar strap is tooled, with suede backing. It is fully adjustable and ready to rock your world.


Zodiac Guitar Strap No. 5, Brown/Cream


Using original vintage materials, Souldier goods are handmade in Chicago by an awesome team of crafters. Strong, luxurious and eco-friendly. Designed to last, Souldier even offers a lifetime warranty on the strap ends. This zodiac guitar strap is looking for a good home, make it yours.


Zodiac Guitar Strap No. 6, Copper


Tooled, suede-leather, zodiac guitar strap by Levy’s Leathers. Fully adjustable, with a 2 1/2 inch width. Like all Levys straps, this strap exudes high quality workmanship that’s hard to beat.


Zodiac Guitar Strap No. 7, Black/White


Souldier custom USA handmade zodiac guitar strap, Chicago’s finest straps. Original vintage pattern, adjustable from 30 to 60 inches and 2 inches wide. Features double thick hand cut leather ends.


Zodiac Guitar Strap No. 8, Royal Blue


Here we have a very good-looking royal blue suede-leather zodiac guitar strap by the highly reputable Levy’s Leathers. It features a 2.5-inch width, it is skillfully tooled with an impressive zodiac design. Adjustable from 41 to 54 inches. Also available in extra long, which adds 12 inches to the overall length.


Zodiac Guitar Strap No. 9, Brown

This suede-leather, zodiac guitar strap is expertly tooled, fully adjustable, and has a two-and-a-half inch width. This guitar strap, by Levy’s Leathers, displays high quality craftsmanship which provides comfortable support and long lasting durability.